Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quick Update / Star Wars III

Still on a brief hiatus from blogging, but just thought I should mention that I got to see Star Wars Episode III a whole day earlier than the public (I was someone's Guest at a showing for Theater Employees). I still have my ticket for tonight's Opening Night midnight showing... I guess it depends how exhausted I am whether I go or not (last night's show started at 12:30 in the morning).

Overall, it was an excellent picture. It tied the story together very well, was very entertaining and had a handful of awe-filled, "goosebump" moments. For example, the way the final battle between Anakin/Vader and Obi-wan ends is absolutely breathtaking.

It was not without its flaws, however. My opinion is that the entire prequel is way over the top on digital animation. I think of the clunkiness of R2D2 in Yoda's swamp and the humanity and character development of the entire cast in the original trilogy. Now, R2D2 can fly, shoot weapons and pop out of a speeder like a jack-in-the-box while Obi-Wan rides a gigantic (and might I add ridiculous) digital lizard.

But I suppose I can overlook all of that. Nevermind its moments of over-the-top CGI, Star Wars Episode III is the Star Wars movie that fans have been waiting to see. Episodes I and II were just silly little set-ups to make this film possible.

And, I might add, it appears it was worth the wait.


Jon said...

Thanks, Trev! I'll wait till next weekend when the crowds at my favorite theater might be a bit thinner.

"James" said...

Just say episode III this afternoon. It just dawned on me how much Buddhist Dharma is found in the Star Wars movies. Especially in the character of Yoda. I am convinced more and more that he is a Bodhisattva.

Allison said...

i loved it...i had some goosebump moments myself...very good. :) i've loved star wars since i was tiny, and it holds sentimental value for me. i agree, that lizard was annoying...i don't even know how to say what that sound was that it was making...hehe...but yes, just wanted to concur. i loved it!