Saturday, January 22, 2005

On Retreat

From Monday (Jan 24) through Wednesday (Jan 26) I will be taking a private retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani monestary in Kentucky. Gethsemani is the former home of famed monk and writer Thomas Merton.

I will spend a couple days in silence - reflecting, meditating, reading, planning, walking, etc. I will not be able to post until sometime late next week and at that point will share my experiences.

Until then, be well! Peace! Namaste!


Jon said...

God bless you, Trev.

Have a wonderful, renewing, and transforming retreat.


isaiah said...

Namaste-Trevor. We look forward to your insight upon returning.

gratefulbear said...

May the same Spirit that inspired Thomas Merton be with you as well, Trev. Many blessings!