Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bitten of more than I can...


I am a complete book junkie. And right now I'm in the midst of TOO many books at once. Here we go:

  • "The Book of Secrets" - Deepak Chopra (almost done)
  • "The Better World Handbook" (just skimming: awesome ideas on little things to do make a difference)
  • "Light on Yoga" - Iyengar (haven't started)
  • "Anatamy for Hatha Yoga" (Studying a couple pages a night... over many years)
  • "A Brief History of Everything" - Ken Wilber (not sure I'm going to read this one)
  • "Gandhi on Christianity" (browsing)
...and on its way to my house:
  • "The Second Coming of Christ" - Yogananda (SUPER excited about this commentary of the 4 Gospels by Yogananda)
  • "Work with Passion" - Nancy Anderson
  • "Paths to God" - Ram Das (reflections on the Gita)
  • "Moving Toward Balance" (Yoga) - Rodney Yee (an 8-week practice)
  • "The Thich Nhat Hanh Collection" (3 books in one)


Amy Harden said...

Ummm. Your reading list compared to mine, makes me look like a short bus rider.. Can't you just pick up the latest Danielle Steele book to read like every other "artistic" man I know? OH and you didn't mention that you also are reading/going through the "Itsy Bitsy Yoga" book with your daughter. How cool is that Mister?
I was going to answer my own rhetorical question, with a swift "not very cool", but then I thought about it and it is kinda cool. Soooo... umm... Yeah.

isaiah said...

I'm also reading more than I should handle-

"'The Second Coming of Christ" - Yogananda (SUPER excited about this commentary of the 4 Gospels by Yogananda)'"- We are beginning a month discussion of "Second Coming" at Unity. Yogananda has made me re-embrace my Christianity (Christ presence in all beings).

Swami Rama- "Sacred Journey: Living Purposefully and Dying Gracefully" Again, Hinduism leads me back to embrace my Christianity in a much clearer light.

Coleman Barks- "The Essential Rumi". No one translates Rumi better than Barks. A Must Read!

Rilke- "Lessons on Love and Other Difficulties". Cannot believe the genius and insight of Rilke.

So many books, so little time!

Let us know your take on "The Book of Secrets" and "Path To God."

Jon said...

Wow. We really do have a lot in common, Trev. I changed the "Reading" list on my page to "Recently Read." The thing is, I've been "reading" the Essential Rumi for three years now (don't want to rush that!) And Osho's "Book of Secrets" is something to be similarly savored. Same with a lot of other things that I read in something more than a reference fashion, but with no desire to complete!


Jon said...


Are you sure men read Danielle Steele?