Friday, January 07, 2005

I've got Good News!

It just so happens that Yahoo is my internet 'homepage.'

And every morning when I check my email I see the daily news in the right hand corner - 6 or 8 headlines about happenings in the world.

Today, like many days, over half of those headlines were about deaths. Now, I realize that we need to be aware of tragedies in the world, but this morning I had just "had enough." I silently wondered if there were News organizations, websites, or newspapers that were determined to share only the POSITIVE, or at least a BALANCED version of, the news.

As it turns out - other people are WAAAY ahead of me. (See Yahoo Category for 'Good News' here).

As I browsed through the different 'Good News' sites, I found this one to be the best: The Great News Network. Free of advertisements, this site gives updated news under the following categories: Environment, Health, Media, Science, World Events, and World Markets.

Swing by there and check out this really cool site ... and while you're doing that, I'll be resetting my 'homepage.'

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