Thursday, October 14, 2004

Southern Indiana in Fall

I know everyone blogs about how beauitful it is in the fall and so on and so forth. Nothing real original here. I just snapped these photos last weekend and thought I'd share them. It's interesting that this is literally "the look of death." These trees are basically going out with an explosion of color - one last big hurrah before returning part of itself into the earth. Kinda hope I go out like that.


Amy Harden said...

Well aren't you just a little Ansel Adams knock off.I wanna go out like the Christian people on the Left Behind movie.. It's all about the rapture baby. No pain, no expectations, just BAM and there's Jesus holding the "welcome Amy Harden" sign. Actually, although that doesn't sound too bad, I hate the Left Behind series and even more so the stinking movie, so ok I guess I'll go out with a bang, like you want to also. BUT I get to go first and, I changed my mind. Bury me in my pink cashmere sweater and jeans. The hot pink brings out the reddish highlights in my hair.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures junior looks like a place i have been