Thursday, October 07, 2004

The City in Slow Gear

Things I've experienced today:

-A fresh, fall breeze on my face
-A rush of energy and a feeling of well-being
-Tiny weeds towering between sidewalk cracks
-A gentle wave to a man on his front porch
-The enjoyment of freedom
-The expansion of consciousness

...WHY you ask?

Because I have decided to go car-less as much as is convienent and possible and have taken to the streets on BICYCLE all day. I've biked quite a few miles today commuting to work, to a haircut, to a video shoot for work...

There's a thousand reasons why I've decided to make this switch TWO of which are:

-The emissions from personal automobiles is the #1 contributor to Global Warming and sundry other enivronmental problems. I think it'd be really great if my daughter's kids would have an earth to live on (Don't think it's that bad? It IS that bad, people just choose to ignore it).

-Most of us are worshippers at the altar of speed. Fast food. Fast relationships. Fast cars. Fast internet. Leading to: Stress, ulcers, dissatisfaction, incompleteness.... So, I've decided to SLOW DOWN in many arenas and this is a very practical one. Sure it adds 5-10 minutes to most of my trips, but I get to spend that time "smelling the roses" (so to speak), thinking about things, or simply enjoying a "meditative" state (something about being outdoors tunes one into Spirit).

So, I know that winter is approaching and one would think that winter biking would be difficult, but I've heard it's both do-able and enjoyable (!

Much love, sleep well - another Entry tomorrow morning!


kev said...

i think i'll join my friend today,
bike both here and far away -
if or when we do return,
we'll spread the great lessons we learned.

a list of experiences everyone could use every day. hopefully others add theirs to the list as well.

Dan Price said...

hey, I'm glad you found my site. Regarding this post, very cool. We in fact are selling our second car right now, because we basically don't really NEED it. Of course there are times when we feel that we need it, but it is just cultural. This way we will plan our trips better and hopefully reduce our reliance on gas and reduce emissions. Small steps.

paige said...

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