Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm not... wait, I am

I'm not as Blog as you Drunk I am.

Really. Tonight I stand proudly alongside those who belong to the immortal tradition of "Drunk Blogging." Yup. (See also my GOOD buddy Jaxun)

Half bottle of wine. 'Homemade Vanilla Vodka' and Coke.

Why? It's Thursday Night, don't I have something better to do? Nope. The kid's in bed and I had 'the urge.' And of course, like always, you never plan on letting it progress this far. It started with a glass of wine with dinner. And now I find myself in "Wheee" Land.


The Bacon Brothers are on the "80's Cover Song" station of my Internet Radio broadcast. There's only one thing better than Kevin Bacon. That's Kevin Bacon and his brother - singing folk music. Sweet Lord, that's some good crap.

1 comment:

jaxun said...

Welcome to te dark side, Luke. Now pass the bottle and post another, but leave the typos in.