Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Live Recording

Here's a LIVE recording of Pink Noise (my Pink Floyd Tribute Band) playing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." While it's not without a cringe-moment here and there (and some of the mix could be changed), it turned out pretty dern good for a recording of a live performance. Enjoy.

The song is rather long (14 min) so if you'd rather download it and listen to it later (instead of being parked on my blog), right-click and "Save As..." or "Save Target As..." on the link below.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond


z said...

Very nice. You're playing the synths in this band?

Trev Diesel said...

No, I'm playing Synth in my other band. I'm doing lead vocals and rhythm guitar in this band. Thanks!

isaiah said...

Oh- this is sooo Sweet!

Pretty Damn Good!

Shine on----indeed!

Craig LaSuer said...

Wow. Very great music!

z said...

Well good vocals and rhythminess then! Nice cover.

Celeste said...

It was proved to me that this is GREAT, because my DH sang along the whole time. Rather than analyzing, which is what he normally does. If he's singing along, I know it's fabulous. He thinks y'all got the ending BETTER than Pink Floyd.

And your blog inspired him to look up a recipe for the same type of beer you made. Has not made that kind yet.