Friday, December 01, 2006

Old Man Winter

The Midwest is getting pounded right now... but somehow my area of Indiana has been bypassed. I've heard some places in Illinois have 11 inches of snow on top of a sheet of ice. How are you Chicagoans and Iowans doing out there?


Andrew said...

You're missing all the fun. Here in Grand Rapids I just scraped a thick layer of ice off my car and inched to work in about three times the amount of time it usually takes. It's mostly ice now, but it's supposed to change to snow soon. Except for the driving in it, I really do love it, though.

anonymous julie said...

I went outside, ready to de-snow my car, and decided... public transit is the way to go. Except it took more than twice as long as driving. However, I'll be able to snowshoe in the park for a mile and a half in lieu of a bus ride on the way home - then grab a bus for the last mile.

We've got about six inches here in Chicago. Yesterday I had to de-ice three sides of my car before driving.

Hint to outdoor-parkers: squeegee your glass and it won't ice as badly. :)

isaiah said...

Hey- enjoy it!

Trev and I encountered some very impressive (by Savannah, GA standard) sleet Thanksgiving weekend! That's about all the winter we get around here...and of course it was in the high 70's low 80's this past week!

"Everyone complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it!"

Spiritbear said...

Im glad I dont live in Minnesota anymore and moved to Oregon. Though we even got snow here which doesnt happen much

Trev Diesel said...

Andrew - nice. I do too, mostly.

Julie - Nice tip!

Tommy - What a weird night!

SB - But I beat Oregon was beautiful!

BarBarA said...

Ya know, I bitch about the weather here in CA cause it never changes. I guess I should just shut up about it and enjoy it.