Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is an interesting article about whether MUSIC is helpful -or- distracting in a Yoga class. As usual, I can definitely see both sides (though I tend to lean on the pro-music side personally).


Anonymous said...

Hi Trev, that link requires registration to see the article.

I've seen it before...some traditionalists frown on music, but I don't agree with them. I use music in my classes. I find music helpful in relaxing and assisting folks to turn their talking mind off for awhile.

Plus, in the gym environment where I teach, music can block out the sounds of weight plates clanging! 8-)

Yoga is flexible enough (heh) to keep up with the times. When yoga was invented, no one had stereos...or iPods.


Jon said...

I like music when doing body-mind stuff like yoga or qigong. When meditating, though, it seems like anything I put on is distracting. But when I meditate anywhere else, like my teacher's house, music always is welcome. Strange, huh/

Celeste said...

Trev, if you have time, participate in my Top 5 Christmas Songs listing, TAG!

Celeste said...

whup! Didn't take the whole url: