Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Superfriends "do" Office Space

Ever see Office Space? You might like this.


jaxun said...

Hilarious! Reminds me of that "Robot Chicken" skit I saw last week, with the Superfriends version of the "Real World". I have to say that "Harvey Birdman" is the single most brilliant "repurposing" of old cartoon characters ever concieved.

I love "Office Space". It's like a mirror of my soulless corporate sub-existence.

Laurie Ford said...

Alright, since you and Amy are having trouble...I can help. First weekend in October? Second weekend in October? Last weekend in September? Which do you chose? That was the weather isn't bad enough that you can't drive and if you chose to fly, it isn't a bad hike to the airport in bad weather! Let me know, you have 5 days to decide or I will choose for you! And don't think you are only coming for 2 days...more like 3 or more. Kisses...laurie