Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Last Re-Visit (Why Be Good?)

A few weeks ago we had a discussion on this blog entitled "Why Be Good?" about the topic of morality. Right before we began that discussion, I emailed my original question to the radio show "Open Air with Cheri Huber."

She answered it on last week's show.

Click here and listen to Segment 2 of that evening's show (the link opens Windows Media Player) and to skip forward to 13:04 to hear the quesiton and answer.

Of course she's right - even as I was hearing it being read, I cringed because once I heard it out loud, I realized that it was way too intellectual of a question. She gave a great response, by the way. If you're interested in such matters, be sure to give it a listen.


jbmoore said...


Nice clip. Don't think, just experience Life from centeredness. Thanks for linking it. There were other pearls in that broadcast as well.

As to your comment on my blog. Yes, we should live here as if it is Heaven. Many of us make this place a Hell it seems. I realized after I posted it that it wasn't an original thought. Harlan Ellison had a short story about Earth as it exists now being a paradise compared to life on other planets where the suffering is much greater. Those people's consciousnesses are allowed to come here for a lifetime as a reward or vacation and live as a human. It's a metaphor for Heaven and Earth I suppose. Ellison is one of those writers who shakes you up.

anonymous julie said...

Gak! Not Mac-friendly! Transcript?

kevin beck said...


I think it was Jacques Derrida who said that there are times when being moral is the absolute immoral thing to be. (That's a paraphrase, but it captured the essence). Sometimes it is unjust to be just. We just need some wisdom to know when those times are.