Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Three pretty big endings/beginnings this week:

1.) We reach the end of our first five years of marriage and enter into year FIVE on Friday.

2.) My boss of 5 years (and very close friend) ships out on Sunday. Get a new boss on Monday.

3.) My 6-month loan for my album is due Thursday. Since I'm not fully paid back, I renew that as well (Hint: buy my album!) :)

"We should not complain about impermanence, because without impermanence, nothing is possible." (Thich Nhat Hanh)


Marianne said...

Hey Trevor-
Happy Anniversary!!! to you and amy


Zach Young said...

That's interesting, I'm getting married on Saturday. Our anniversaries will be one day apart.

So from now on, as long as you talk about your anniversary a little bit before yours I'll be ok too.


Andrew said...

Ah, transitions...

My wife and I started our childbirth classes this past weekend. One of the most thought-provoking things the instructor said was, "Don't think of your baby's birth as an isolated event; think of it as a transition."

So I guess we're transitioning from the moment we're born.

Oh, and happy anniversary... we completed Year Four a couple weeks ago!

isaiah said...

Love & Marriage..... Happy Renewal!

Wise words from Master Hanh. No, we shouldn't complain...just seems like we're programmed to do so.

Here's hoping you sell many, many albums soon.

chris said...

six month loan on your EP? Wow, where did you record?

Trev Diesel said...

Kindof, Chris. I took out a loan with the BANK to pay the studio... so the studio is paid off, the bank is not.


I recorded here.

Allison said...

trevor, this was a much-needed post for me today...the movers are coming to get all of our stuff tomorrow morning, but we won't get it until next week sometime...talk about a transition...i'll be living in an empty house for who knows when! i've been frustrated because this transition hasn't been as smooth as i'd like it to be, but hey, i don't think it says anywhere in the definition that it has to be that way. more likely than not transitions SUCK. so, thanks for this. and sorry for the wordiness. :)