Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I picked up some OSHO on Friday... never knew much about him, except that he's known as being a rascal, troublemaking, rogue spiritual teacher. There are a handful of chapters and sections that I'm enjoying, however, I find much of it objectionable especially...

  • He outright says that he's the only teacher to ever have the "courage" to marry the worldly w/ otherwordly, physical w/ spiritual, sensual w/ mystical. Uhm, sorry pal. You may be one of many, but don't flatter yourself.
  • He speaks about accepting all of life, enjoying the lows as well as the highs, not rejecting anything, and then spends much of his time (a good 3/4 of the book) bitching about the various religions and wishing them a timely death. Seems pretty inconsistent.
That being said, there are a lot of good teachings in the book and I appreciate where he's coming from on his various topics. Iin particular his chapter on finding the beauty and joy in being absolutely ordinary (therefore not always striving to "be somebody") is especially noteworthy.


Jon said...

My own teacher respects Osho a lot, which made me really curious, because of things like the inconsistencies you mention. He (my teacher) said to remember that the person isn't the Teacher... the Teacher is the Spirit talking through the person.

That said, I think Osho's person had a slow decline after he came to the States... stuff he taught in the 70s is head and shoulders above things he said in the 80s, as he became addicted to nitrous oxide and suffered poorer health...

On the Osho site there are some excellent transcriptions of many of his teachings, like a long, long series of meditations on the names of God in the Sufi dhikr.

A book you will love is The Book of Secrets, a MASSIVE transcription (over 1000 pages) on his thoughts on this short Tantric treatise on various methods of meditation. It's awesome.

But I do find the little white books the Osho Foundation puts out, mixing stuff from here and there to be hit and miss.

Trev Diesel said...

Thanks Jon, I'll check out more of his stuff. Your "recap" is very helpful - I didn't really even know who this guy was... I appreciate the leads on what I can look into further.

isaiah said...

I'm not familiar with Osho, but have seen his name (maybe at Meredith's site?)and a few quotes of his.

I like what Jon's teacher says about the Teacher being the Spirit talking through the person!

isaiah said...

Now I know where I know this name from....Osho was the formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh...of the infamous Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. Now it all comes back to me.

Trev, See

for the full story.

Kak said...

Osho is my hero. He was one man versus whole of the world governments. He exposed priests/politicians all over the world. He exposed the hypocracy predominant in American administration at white house.
I feel bad that he wa given slow poison in Oklahoma jail. But this is nothing new. All socrates have to go through it.

Anil Passi said...

Well, the first Osho book that I read is called "Atma Puja Upnishad". And in that book, he describes a single line upnishad(scripture). This book was written by him in early 1970s, and it remains my favourite book.

I have read other Osho books after that, but I could smell some ego or selfishness in his latter books.
If you wish to read Osho, read any of his pre mid-1970 books, and u will then get to know the true Osho.