Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tats with Tommy

...ok, Amy and Cathy were there too, but "Tats with Tommy" just had a nice ring to it.

Blogger friends Tommy and Cathy went with my wife and I to Savannah, GA on Friday ... so that I could get inked. Believe it or not, the tat was Amy's 5-year anniversary gift to me.

It's on my left forearm and is the greek spelling of my daughter's name, Kalliopi.

It's still a bit swollen in this picture, but you'll get the idea.


Amy Harden said...

Technically, no one other than Trev was there. I wussed out when I got into the same room as all the needles and ink and talked Tom and Cathy into beverages down the street. Sorry we left you babe, but needles make me weird.

isaiah said...

Looks great, Trev. Yeah, it's best to be alone when getting inked so you can get in touch with the experience and discomfort and channel it as you see. Can't believe how fast it went!

We had a blast with you guys...feel like we've know you forever. It is said close friends come back together throughout many lifetimes (as Amy and Cathy burst out laughing!)- but, I believe it's true....

kevin beck said...

That's very cool. I have a good friend in Savannah, but I don't think he has any tatoos.


Allison said...

i LOVE it! that's awesome. what a thoughtful, wonderful gift, amy! :)

Josh said...

I dig it Trev. You make me want to get some ink....maybe when I have an adorable daughter....

gtapz said...

Hey Trev,
Before I begin I would like to ask for an apology for not being able to speak English fluently. You may not understand what I am saying to you right now so please forgive me.
You see, I have been viewing your blogs for the past couple of months and I admit I am impressed by it. Before I came to your blog I visited Jon's page and boy was I stunned by the wisdom of his words. I was baptized Catholic but I see something else in your blogs. They are not dogmatic neither are they oppressive. It embraces all faiths and that is very awe inspiring. Mysticism has fascinated me MORE than anything else and it has given me a deeper understanding of things. It's quite amazing. Well all I would like to say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
I am not your fan and I do not know your songs but I perceive that you have a peaceful heart. Please extend my thanks to Jon Zuck, (wild things),Isaiah(isaiah knows nothing) Darrell Grizzle( wildfaith) Mark (eternal awareness),and all the other bloggers out there!
I love you all guys, I am forever grateful because of you.
one more thing....could you add me as friend?