Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Don't have much time to share today as I am catching up from being gone all weekend, but here's a brief overview:

  • Unfortunately did not advance in Battle of the Bands last Thursday - but has given me the fire to push on and do bigger and better things. It was a very high energy show and may have been one of the best (minus the poor sound system).
  • Had our "vacation" trip to Michigan over the weekend. Lots of driving in drizzle and rain (hasn't stopped raining here since about last Wednesday).
  • Met up w/ sister and BIL, did some damage to the ol' liver.
  • Digital relationships become reality! Amy and I met w/ blogger friends Dan and Suzanne (i.e. the Michigan Version of Us) - it was very, very cool. Thank you guys for hosting us - let's do it again soon!
  • Swung by another set of friends' house in Grand Rapids for the night.
Now playing catch up. Ever notice how you need a vacation after vacation?


Andrew said...

I absolutely need a post-vacation vacation... we just got back from my sister's wedding, which was amazing and beautiful, but exhausting.

Glad your digital friendship successfully transitioned into the real world. Makes me look forward to the day we can do it!

isaiah said...

Glad you guys had a great get away...and made some new friends. One can never make to many friends!