Thursday, May 11, 2006

Checking Out for a few...

Got a busy couple of days planned and won't be blogging much until next Tuesday.

TONIGHT: Tonight is Round 2 (of 3) of the Battle of the Bands. It should be a great show - I've added three new cover songs to the band's setlist: "All this Time" (Sting), "Only the Good Die Young" (Billy Joel), and "Africa" (Toto).

THIS WEEKEND: Michigan, here we come. We're going on a whirlwind tour of three different spots. First, visit my sis and B.I.L. (brother in law) in way-the-hell-north Indiana. Then, meet and visit blogger friends Dan and Suzanne for the first time. Finally, meet up with some old friends of ours in Grand Rapids. And we're not taking the kid.

So Happy Mothers Day to all - and I'll see you in the first part of next week.


Andrew said...

Have fun in GR... wish we were going to be there!

Dan Price said...

Looking forward to "meeting" you!

isaiah said...

Break a leg tonight- know you'll be movin' on to the finals.

I think it's great you're meeting another friend from the 'digital realms''s awesome how connections form over the internet and lives are brought together.

You guys have fun and be safe.