Thursday, May 25, 2006


"Remember that we live in bodies that, through a feast of the senses, appreciate the beauty of the world." (Wayne Muller)

Yesterday, I had my favorite meal: Buffalo Wild Wings' chicken wings coated in Caribbean Jerk sauce, a basket of Buffalo Chips (fries in the shape of coins) dipped in ketchup, and a cold large draft Newcastle. It's true that I'm trying to eat vegetarian anytime I have an option - but this is my one hangup (ok, maybe there's more than one). But it's a glorious one. If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I'm quite sure this would be my last marvelous meal.

Then, my buddy Derkillama and myself sat in my garage shortly after a large thunderstorm had moved through and watched dark clouds rolling by, a peaceful rain, and the sky light up with sporadic lightening as we sipped homemade Jack Daniels Mint Juleps and enjoyed expensive cigars.

When life's good, it's good.


isaiah said...

I hear ya! I do miss my Buffalo wings....Pepperoni Pizza is my downfall though!

No one need be a saint ALL the time- how boring!

"James" said...

I love to watch and take in rain with all of my senses. And the Infinites One's lightning light show is always a cherry on top.

jbmoore said...

No one gets out of life alive, so you might as well enjoy it! Don't know the original wit, but it's so true.

kevin beck said...

I remember going to Buffalo Wild WIngs when it was BW3. Good times.

What kind of cigars were you smoking. I smoked an Onyx last fall and was praying to die the rest of the night.