Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Unvarnished New Testament

In a Wisdom Reading group I'm a part of online, I asked everyone if they knew of any unusual or unorthodox translations of the Bible. Most of their suggestions I either owned or new of... everything except "The Unvarnished New Testament" as recommended by my friend Jon. So far it's exactly what I was hoping for and is a very interesting read. I'd like to share what is written on the back of the book:

A new, innovative translation of the New Testament, this book steps outside preconceptions and allows the reader to view these important Greek writings in an entirely different light. Based on a radical and startling premise, The Unvarnished New Testament presents the New Testament simply as it appears in the original Greek.

Most translations of the New Testament are made by committees; they interpret the original text through theological doctrines and dogmas which arose centuries after the books were written. In this translation, however, Andy Gaus presents the New Testament as it would have appeared to someone reading the original, unvarnished Greek--as though 2,000 years of Christian history had not occurred. The fresh approach taken by this gifted translator strips away the thick layers of convention and Biblical language that often clouds the meaning of the original words. The approach is simple and direct, portraying an ageless beauty which no earlier translation has captured.

Unlike other versions of the New Testament, this edition is designed to be easily read. Gone are the double columns, small type and verse numbers common to other editions. By eliminating these obstacles, the reader can encounter the stunning directness of the words themselves.

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Jon said...

Hey, Trev,

I glad you like it too! It's already quite my favorite. May you be richly blessed.