Monday, February 06, 2006


I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels blest; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
I shall become what no mind e'er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones, To Him we shall return.



Jon said...

This is extraordinary, Trev! Where did you find it?

gratefulbear said...

I've seen this beautiful poem of Rumi's in several different collections of his works. Pir Vilayat, leader of the Sufi Order until his death a few years ago, quoted it in his writings.

Most recently I saw the poem referenced as the inspiration for Trev's beautiful song "When I Die" (Track 6 on his "Parachute" CD)!

Irving Karchmar said...

Greetings Dear Trev:
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Peace and Blessings,


isaiah said...


Your interpretation of this poem in your song "When I Die" is wonderful and revealing itself.

After reading this by Rumi and after hearing your song- there is nothing else that needs to be said.