Wednesday, February 22, 2006


At the risk of being entirely irreverant and inappropriate, I have to share this with you because I got a chuckle out of it AND because I can understand why someone would say this. A couple of friends of mine were in a mall over the weekend and came across a button pin in one of the shops that read:

"Are we talking about the same God? 'Cause yours kind of sounds like a dick."

PSBLOLOEAABCHMBIKOW. (translated: probably shouldn't be laughing out loud or even at all, but can't help myself because it's kind of witty)

Probably not the wording I would've chosen, but you can most likely understand why people might think that way when we often present an image of God that is more judgemental and rules-based than one of compassion, mercy and love.


Jon said...

Too funny!

Rick said...

that was good. I cannot resist so here it goes. No one likes a dick. People may fear the boss who is a dick. Being a dick may get one feared, never loved.

kev said...

btw, ditto on the "PSBLOLOEAABCHMBIKOW"

kev said...

irreverant and inappropriate are relatively subjective statements, i would imagine; but if you posted it on your blog, dude, it's probably the wording you would have chosen. ;)

just remember, there is no dick. i mean spoon.

anonymous julie said...

The office I work at has an unusual entry; floor to ceiling glass with the frames embedded and out of sight. One must notice the reflection from the glass, or the metal on the middle panel which is the door, for the top, bottom, and handle.

A courier didn't do the requisite noticing and tried to walk into the office. A collision and then sort of a ringing noise from the glass, with a vibration from the impact.