Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Samplin' Time!

I've got a couple unmastered preview tracks from my upcoming CD available to hear at my MySpace music account.

Also - if you've got a MySpace account and wanna be "super sweet" (just like you were in your Middle School yearbook), leave me a comment. I need to get the hype up so I can get these things sold! Cheers!


isaiah said...

The tracks from your new EP and the insight from your friends at Myspace are worth the visit over.

The simple sign- up procedure to leave comments IS easy and comments left there are very important for your marketing, so I do hope all of your friends here will venture over and see what you've got going at Myspace, listen to the tracks and leave a comment.

Michael Herrick said...

Trevor, totally off topic, but I was listening to Bill Cosby's "Chicken Heart" and remembered first hearing at your house years ago. Cochran had told about your blog, and I just thought I'd say hey. My Yahoo screen name is mherric1, if you use yahoo messenger, give me a shout some time.

On topic, good luck the album.