Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who'd Have Thunk It?


isaiah said...

What a trip! More comments to come.

isaiah said...

Great interview- I had no idea. Drums are primal...all music can be primal, but drums are born there.

As far as drumming circles- I've never attended one- have you?

I did experience a moment of enlightenment or Nirvana at a set of drums once. At our studio we were renting at the time I happen to have the place to my self for the whole day. I had also happen to come across some shrooms and injested a few tiny caps in the morning. I sat down at our drummers kit (14 drums, double bass- remember, this was the Metal years)and began tapping and shuffling around. Within 10 minutes the drums were playing me and I found myself creating rhythms and playing with such power and intensity. I don't play drums- but they played me for over 2 hours...and I was able to experience the sensation within my body- from the stool- and away from my body- as an observer.

It wasn't the shrooms altering my perception to the point that I thought I was playing the drums...I was wailing away like Keith Moon and felt a lightness of being that I have only experience a few other times in my life...

Krishna Das is powerful stuff. I'm glad that Rick has found his way through the haze and has survived. Thanks for the link.

Trev Diesel said...

Wo! What a story!!!!

Though I haven't (nor do I plan on) experienced psychadelics, I know what kinds of spiritual possibilies can be opened through them (see Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass, others).

Of course what Ram Dass did was finally get tired of "coming down" from the drugs, and so off he went to India to make these "temporal spiritual STATES, permanent spiritual TRAITS" (in the words of Ken Wilber).

Drums are a fascinating - and yes, primal - instrument. The whole world is rhythm - as personified in the dancing Nataraj.

Groove on, brother!