Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend #1

This weekend went better than I could've even hoped. Derek (drums) and Cale (bass) hit it out of the park and we were able to knock out all 5 songs on those two instruments in 8.5 hours. Much, much love to both of them and to the people that came out to visit us in the studio (Amy, Llama, Jay, Nico and David).

the studio

Recording a scratch track

Yes, there is a lot of "down" time

A view from above

Smooth as silk

Setting up

The Llama, Empty Pizza Boxes and Beer Cans

Scott the Engineer

Derek England toying with the cymbal. How's THAT for a make-shift mallet? (Note: It did NOT work out)

Cale fixing a couple of bass lines in the main control room

Gazing into the visual drum monitor

the "When I Die" upright bass

the after-party

I look more "sauced" than she does, but she was keeping up just fine... don't let the picture fool you.

Llama and Diesel livin' it up

Cale macking on everyone else's ladies


isaiah said...


Great pics! Trev, wish I could be there.... just to be there!

Sending my energy your way- I know this project is going to be awesome!

Jon said...


Cale said...

I didn't have to mac- they "came to butt-head".

Anonymous said...

Trev, Your eyes look just the same way the night we all went out for drinks and dinner. Hope all that was after the music :).

I am so excited for you. Know it will go well. You are so talented. I wish I could have been there too, - just to soak up the joy that must have been in that room.

Hope you will be at Rodney's bonfire (yes we will be going after all). I have something to give you. I am playing at Central Pres that Sunday so may not make it to CUMC.

Blessings to you and Amy.
Jim McIntyre

Cam McIntyre said...

Hey Trevor-it's been awhile. I got your link from Jim's website. Nice to know things are going well.

Take it easy.