Thursday, October 27, 2005

Photo Shoot and Congratulations

My photographer friend, Kevin, and I went out for a couple hours after getting some work done today to shoot some photos for the not-quite-ready trevdiesel(dot)com and for the album booklet. It's just funny how you take 80 pictures and end up with only 2 good ones and 4 possibly-usable-somewhere-sometime ones.

On a somewhat-related musical note, my friends Waltz for Venus were on the radio this afternoon doing a 3-part interview and live tracks on air. Congrats, dudes. Only wish I could've heard it - I tuned in, but only found out after the fact that I was on 93.5 instead of 95.7. Damn. Hope it was cool - let me know if you've got an audio file of the program.

1 comment:

isaiah said...

Wow- ""

And we can say, "we knew him when.........." :)

Seriously, this is good- you'll need a site when the CD comes out.

Photographs have got to be the hardest part because it's so 'ego based.' You need good shots (of yourself) but at the same's hard knowing someone's taking pictures of YOU!

I know it will work out the way it's suppose to!