Friday, July 22, 2005


So I've been asked to be the unofficial 5th member of "Waltz for Venus" - a hard-rock band consisting of a few of my really good friends. The group is starting to make some serious headway: they just recorded an album, are getting played on college radio, and are booking some really serious shows and so they asked me to join the group as the "Acoustic/Keyboard/Background-Vocals" guy to help fill out the sound during live performances.

We have a very important show at the Midwest Music Summit tomorrow (Saturday). The MMS is chock-full of industry people and networking opportunities.

Go to Waltz for Venus' website to listen to some of their music. The jukebox player is on the home page about halfway down on the right side. Be sure to check out the song "Movie Star" ... methinks you'll like it.


isaiah said...

Hope the show was a success- be sure to let us know how it all unfolded.

It is all- meant to be.

gratefulbear said...

Congrats on your blossoming career as a rock idol. May you be as successful as the Grateful Dead's "unofficial" keyboardist Bruce Hornsby.

"James" said...

Cool!! Congrats and best of luck. Don't forget us when you're famous!!! :)

Dan Price said...

sounds very cool. Amy said you just got a new guitar. What kind?

The Fabulous Madrids said...

It's four o clock in the morning and I'm so sick I cant stand it. I've been up for five days straight trying to kick a strep throat thingy. It's not cool.

How was the Midwest MF? Aaron and I worked there last year with Moving Records. I'm not sure if they were there this year or not.

Where did you play? Did you play all God stuff or did you also play some Ooozzy Satany stuff with dark and morbid undertones? Or could you have possibly rocked an acoustic number where you did both under the carcasses of a thousand virgin seals? I saw Creed do that once, very moving.

Anyway, things are the same here. I'm working my butt off and no one is noticing.

Yaaaaaaa, I'm worthless.

PS. Yoga hurts my back.

gratefulbear said...

Just to let you know... I bought my first mp3 player today, an iPod mini, and the first song I loaded onto it was "Parachute."