Thursday, July 07, 2005

POEM: "the rain"

the rain could
easily remain, high above
the clay womb-
sure of its power-
fishing for praise.

but the rain
seeks no end for itself,
and rather - literally -
pours itself out;
Nature's bodhisattva,
yours and my aim.


kev said...

an original? whether or not it is, it's right up my alley and i dig it.

was just having a conversation with a friend about whether trees ever do right or wrong. pretty interesting stuff - i think my first impression that they just "are" and do what they do without qualms is my true feeling on it.

something to be learned from those things in the universe that are truly divine.

Jon said...


That's beautiful. Rain as bodhisattva.


Tara said...

Very nice... I like this.