Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Original Pop Culture!

1.) Currently reading the novel "LAMB: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal." I rarely laugh out loud while reading a book, but this one is making me do just that. If you're up for a laugh-riot about the "Lost Years" of Jesus as a child and youth, this is it. It's a mixture of the profane (the words "fuckstick" and "asshole" make numerous appearances ... though not from the Messiah, of course) and the profound (the theology is pretty fantastic for a novel).
5 out of 5 Diesels!

2.) I finally got around to watching "What the #$*! Do We Know." Blogger Jon's review is pretty much exactly how I feel about it. While I appreciate the quantum mechanics aspect of the movie, their integration with that and spirituality is weak at best. They could've left the whole "God" aspect out of the film and it would've sat much better with me. Not to mention the whole "You entirely create your own reality" thing is so ego-centric it's absurd (You can have anything you desire!!!). Apart from that, the scientific/quantum material was presented very well and was both entertaining and educational.

3.) Lastly, it appears that they are making an American version of "The Office." If you don't know what "The Office" is, it's a British TV show from the BBC and is one of the most original and hilarious things to come out in years. Pick up Season 1 from your movie store and watch it as soon as humanly possible (it's only 6 half-hour episodes - seriously, what else do you have to do that's so freaking important).

But a remake? The original writer doesn't even have anything to do with it. I swear. Seriously, why remake classic things?

I mean, come on - you don't ever see anyone covering classic Beatles' songs do you? You don't ever see remakes of classic movies! I mean, imagine the absurdity of someone taking a classic movie - oh, I dunno, say something like "Pyscho" - and remaking it scene by scene with new actors and in color. Hah! That would be so silly.

While I'm on the rant, one last thing: Emerging musical artists that make a cover song their first single should be fined, stripped of their musical equipment, and put on trial for a possible stoning. Now, if a band wants to cover a song once they've established themselves, then I guess that's their perrogative. But to come on the scene with someone else's song!?! Give me a break - it was a hit the first time, what do you think it's going to do this time around? Way to go, guys! You can play someone else's song! Bravo!

YOUR TURN: Originality. Something that's missing these days. I've given you three examples of original art. Comment with some of your favorite original books, movies, and music to inspire the rest of us to stop ingesting regurgitated crap and to get on with some good stuff!

Peace and OM!


Erin said...

My favorite classic movie of all time has to be Casablanca. A few Christmases ago, my mom bought me a book that someone had written as a sequal to the movie. It's entitled "As Time Goes By", which is the theme song to the original movie. And although I really appriciated the thought, the book made me mad. It totally screws with the movie and manipulates things so that **SPOILER WARNING** Rick and Ilsa end up together, while Victor, Ilsa's husband, gets killed off in the most stereotypical way possible. It does the movie NO justice; I consider it nothing more than a feeble attempt by an author who didn't like the way Casablanca ended, to "correct" in his mind what he considered a mistake, when in reality that detail (Rick and Ilsa sacrificing their love for a greater cause) was what makes the movie so good. *sigh* Why do people feel they need to screw with the classics?

Erin said...

Oooh- and as for some other originals, I love the poetry of Brian Andreas and also of this girl!

Jon said...

Trev, so happy you're back and bleeping blogging again. I missed your posts! In fact, you were beginning to move toward hobo-bloggerhood.

Erin, You should see the movie Gremlins 2. It's a brilliant satire about all things 80's, and Donald Trump and Ted Turner in particular. There's a scene in the Clamp Tower where the PA system announces that Casablanca will be shown on the Clamp Cable Network that night, "but now in color, and with a happier ending."

Erin said...

I'll have to see that. Thanks for the suggestion!

"James" said...

In concept I agree with you on the remakes but I am really happy with "The Office" remake simply because now I can actually understand the jokes.

I have a hard time cutting through the british accent. I rented, "The Office: The First Season" but I couldn't follow it all. So, I'm actually selfishly happy about it being remade in America.