Sunday, December 19, 2004

If we are indeed ONE...

A Challenge to myself during this holiday season:

If we are indeed ONE,
If there is no separation between us,
If "the perception that divides {us from each other} is a lie,"
If there is no YOU or I, but only US,
If the Light of God is within all that IS...

...then I shall make it my goal to make these truths reality for those who feel separated and isolated during this time. The holidays are a joy for many but utter despair for many others.

Oh, what amazing opportunities to gently shatter the false perceptions of separateness. Really being with people - getting in contact with those who feel like outcasts - sharing a listening ear with those who are suffering - helping meet the needs of the least fortunate - becoming a physical manifestation of love ----- these are the hammers that break down these false walls of perception.

If we are indeed ONE...
...may I help the world to know it.
...may you help the world to know it.
...may we help the world to KNOW it.

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