Thursday, October 04, 2007

iTunes Help?

Anyone know the answer to this question?

Until recently, I have been able to open my Music folder in iTunes, set the Preference to SHUFFLE, and it would cycle through my entire catalog.

For some reason, now there is a tiny checkbox just to the left of each song title (which wasn't there before) and in order to play any group of songs (or all my songs), I have to individually check each checkbox.

What the...?


Jon said...

Trev, the checkbox has always been on my iTunes... two years now.

Jon said...

The easiest way to work it is to "select all" in a playlist, then right-click and chose Check All.

Then you can individually uncheck anything you want to skip.

anonymous julie said...

You can turn that column off, though, so maybe it just wasn't in view before. I've seen it for ages too.

And what Jon said.