Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creativity MASH-UP

"Creativity is a way of living life,
no matter what our vocation,
or how we earn our living."
(Madeleine L'Engle)

Chris Seay - "Art and Beauty"

"Each time I begin a creative endeavor, I discover that creativity is a mystery. I am reminded that though I am the creator, I have little control over the final outcome of my creation. The creation itself determines its form, and it will emerge on its own terms."
(Janice K. Stanton)


Craig LaSuer said...

thanks trev

isaiah said...

"...our stories collide in that space."


... a love affair we inspired in the beginning with and between our truest Self. Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.

addie_joy said...

my comment won't be nearly as deep as isaiah's :) but i just wanted to thank you for posting this. those quotes were very encouraging to me as an artist. i heard that someone once said, "how do you know if someone needs encouragement? ...if they're breathing." keep it up, my friend. :)
p.s. i LOVE madeleine l'engle! have you read "walking on water"? amazing. i bought it my first year at cornerstone and read it through that week.

anonymous julie said...

I'm glad I watched that, because it was encouraging. I've been way out of touch with the Christian church at large; years ago I decided that it was a good thing to love and cherish beauty, even though that seemed out of step with everybody else and the sort of thing I'd be condemned for mentioning (or at least looked at askance).

It makes me wonder whether artists will always be the outsiders, seeing the beautiful where others don't. My freshman freehand drawing teacher was one of those. We didn't understand, then, and thought he was, um, a bit odd. (A beautiful line? A line? What??) I understand now. But I had to get to a point of allowing that. Maybe the conversations about beauty, referenced by the speaker, will encourage more people to let go a little.