Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start Small / Don't Push

Act without striving.
Work without interfering.
Find the flavor in what is flavorless.

Enlarge the small, increase the few.
Heal injury with goodness.

Handle the difficult while it is still easy.
Cultivate the great while it is still small.

All difficult things begin as easy things.
All great things begin as small things.

Therefore, the True Person never attempts anything great,
and accomplishes great things.

[from Tao Te Ching #56
Thomas Knierim, thebigview.com]


anonymous julie said...

I have noticed that too much effort tends to ruin things.

Jon said...

Quite true, Julie. You guide your ceramics into the shapes they're inclined to.

Trev, great seeing that again. I DO love the scriptures... just can't resurrect WisdomReading.... Thanks for posting.