Friday, May 04, 2007

Score: My Wife Rules

On Sunday I celebrate the big 2-8 birthday. My awesome wife, who's always been excellent with gifts, has totally outdone herself this year.

If you're not aware, the Nintendo Wii systems are just not available. Each store gets 2-3 each week, or sometimes month, and then they're gone within 5 minutes. The supply is not even close to meeting demand.

But my wife is a master and did a little flirting with the guy and was able to have him hold one back for her.

And I got a Wii... for my birthday... and that rules. (and Lord, is it fun)

I may be 28 on Sunday, but I'm still a kid who plays video games. So... there you have it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


firepavedskies said...

Happy birthday! Please do not break the t.v with your wii. For you will be sad and possibly depressed like we are without our tube.

zach said...

happy birthday

Becca said...

Please. Please get rid of that stupid side ponytail. I mean really. It looks more like Deb from Napolian Dynamite...

but yes. You are very lucky to have Amy. Oh and the Wii. But mostly Amy.

David said...

question - does the wii have mario kart?

Jon said...

¡Hola, Trev!
¡Felidades para tus cumpleaƱos!

Jay said...

this is the face of jealousy