Thursday, May 17, 2007

0-(Yes, ZERO)-Emissions Car

"General Motors made history yesterday as its Chevy Sequel became the first electric fuel cell vehicle to achieve 300 miles on one tank of hydrogen, in and out of traffic on public roads, while producing zero emissions."

"'With this drive, General Motors has reached an important milestone,' said Larry Burns, GM vice president, research & development and strategic planning. 'And we did it while producing zero emissions, as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle only emits water.'"

(...Read the rest of the article over at Good News Network...)


Jon said...

Frimmin' at the jim-jam!

anonymous julie said...

Great, but um, hydrogen? Isn't that stuff explosive? A little skeptical of long-term possibilities.

Trev Diesel said...

Ha, well, ... uhm... yes?

2030: Cars 'splodin' all over the place.

Either way, I'm just glad people are being inventive. I'm glad to see things like this making the news. I'm glad to think that just maybe in 10-15 years, the car situation on the planet will be significantly "greener."

anonymous julie said...

For some reason 'splodin' means there's a soft pop and marshmallow goo EVERYWHERE. That was a great mental image! Seriously though, I, too, am glad that projects are underway. Yet I'm aware of the sort of energy that goes into constructing new buildings, of making anything, really.

Anonymous said...

That this vehicle is 0 emissions is still debatable, the carbon emissions from refining fossil fuels to create the hydrogen fuel should be taken into consideration as well