Thursday, April 12, 2007


Who / what exactly do you mean when you say the word I? Where is your ego? Who is the one behind your eyes?

Alan Watts suggests that when you say "I", what you are referring to is a muscular contraction... that tightness in the body, that "pulling yourself together," that certain, always-on unsatisfactoriness or baseline anxiety.

Release. Then release further. That tight "I" will unfold. The line between "I" and environment will blur. Exhale, there is peace and all is right with the world.


isaiah said...

in July of 2005, I responded to the idea of "relax" with this:

"Well said... and sitting meditation isn't the pathway to stillness for everyone, some find their groove or zone walking or exercising. Whatever the activity that causes you to lose yourself, lose the "contraction" and still the inner dialoge is the right and purest for you."

Jeez, such a 'full of shit' yadda yadda yadda response... i can't help but chuckle at myself, really!

2007 finds ME absolutley fraying at the seams and unraveling...but, in a good feels good, my unraveling. I know so much less than I did two years ago.

This feels right...and all is right with the world. Just think how much more I can fall apart in the next two years!

Celeste said...

Thanks, that goes right along with what I was reading in the Yoga Sutras this morning! Serendipity!

Jon said...

So "I" don't have tension, "I" IS tension! (Don't tell my English teacher I said that!)

anonymous julie said...

What is "I" ... right now, a ball of tension and stress. Let that go for just a moment and there's sublime silence - and that's not me, but I am in that and inseparable from it.

Love -