Friday, July 28, 2006


This was in today's paper, unbeknownst to me:

Items worthy of your calendar or PDA for Monday and beyond.

Diverse rock and power pop

Monday: Trev Diesel and Waltz for Venus will team up once again for a night of original rock ‘n’ roll in downtown Lafayette. Diesel has had a great rookie year in the singer-songwriter circuit. His debut disc, The Parachute, shows off Diesel’s diverse sound. Fans of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson will not be disappointed. Waltz for Venus has streamlined its lineup as the power pop group is down to only two original members in frontman Jay Brooks and the enigmatic drummer D. Llama. New bassist Scott Rottler and guitarist Bartek Michael are recent additions to the band.

  • When: 9 p.m. to midnight Monday
  • Where: Sgt. Preston’s, 6 N. Second St.
  • How much: Free

    isaiah said...

    Ah! Sweeeet press my friend!

    Send this reviewer something special and ask how to get more coverage in the future.

    Jon said...

    Congratulations, Trev

    Celeste said...

    Wow, good press to get compared to Ben Harper.

    Isaiah's idea is good. Maybe send the author your album and get an album review printed. I've done reviews for publications and when people sent me albums, I generally wrote about them.