Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bigger Than My Body

Try this. See what happens:
Who am I? Who am I? I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts. Thoughts pop like popcorn in front of my mind's eye, but I am simply the watcher. I am not my thoughts.
I have a body, and am aware of my body, but I am not my body. The body is born and dies but there is something that is not born and does not die.
I also have emotions and desires. But I am not those emotions and desires.
Because I am aware of these things, I am not these things. I am something deeper than that. I am the awareness that is aware of these things.
But what is this awareness? Who is it? Who am I?
"I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for"
-from "Bigger Than My Body," John Mayer-


Paul said...

Trev, I'm bookmarking your blog. Looks like we're on much the same wavelength. Have you read Thich Van Hahn, if I didn't murder the spelling?

Also, I just ordered the Gospel of Thomas.

The kind of thing you're getting at in your post today - that underlying presence - is what has kept me sane under severely adverse circumstances. (A bit of that's described on the "hmoappeals" link from my homepage.)

Nice to find you!

isaiah said...

I love this line from John Mayer. What a truly "old soul" lyric.

Ethan said...

Once you are aware of these things, then you realize you are not these things. Many people aren't aware, or are only vaguely aware. I've heard it phrased that people are often trapped by structures that they are unaware of. And the first step towards seeing reality more clearly is to become aware of these structures. Often they are emotions, desires, thoughts, the body. Great blog site by the way. Just found it, but I'll be back.

Meredith said...

Thought-ful post, Trev, and great John Mayer line.

You are that awareness...growing ever deeper into it, into a vast realm much much bigger than your physical body could ever give you credit for.