Saturday, November 24, 2007

A new commandment I give you: Love one another.

While driving home last night and scanning the radio stations for something to listen to, I stumbled upon a preacher on the local Christian radio station. He was talking about Islam so I thought I'd take a listen.

In front of what seemed like a very large congregation - not to mention anyone listening over the airwaves - he was doing his damnedest to both negate their faith and make them look like "the bad guys."

The majority of his message was how Islam flourished because they were converting people "by the sword" and how violent their scriptures are. Similarly, anytime he got to a passage where it said Allah is "forgiving and merciful" he had to make a comment like "well, ya, only if you do what He says."

What he failed to mention was his own tradition's horribly violent past, including similar conversion techniques (the Crusades and Native Americans ring a bell?) and graphically violent scriptures (anyone read the Old Testament?)

I'm not dogging Christianity or Judaism. It just sucks that people of power are able to turn groups of people against other groups of people using false information and misguided truths.

Perhaps the appropriate way Christians can learn about Islam is to invite Muslims to speak at their worship services. God forbid we actually seek to understand each other and reach common ground.


Craig LaSuer said...

right on trev.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Very nice words, my friend.

anonymous julie said...

That Christians find it so much easier to judge and condemn than to love has long upset me. "Judge not..." apparently gives license to do just the opposite!

Glad you said something :)

isaiah said...

Ever seen the billboards from God?

"What part of love one another do you not get?- God"

There were several here in the Lowcountry--- really poignant, no room for bull-sh*t.

I used to laugh at the, "But, we're commissioned to spread the truth" part- and you know... you can't relly have an intelligent conversation with folks who adopt an attitude like this-

- you can only love them!