Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Teaching Spiritual Practices

Tonight, I begin teaching a 12-week class at our church called "Spiritual Practices." It will be an introduction to various spiritual growth practices such as meditation, centering prayer, journaling, labyrinth walking, creative arts, lectio divina (divine reading), and more.

I firmly believe that divinity meets us on whatever level or stage in which we currently find ourselves. This is certainly where the concept of Grace comes in. Spiritual practices are not for the aim of finding favor with God or "getting to heaven." There is a far simpler grace towards all in that respect. Rather, they are for the deepening and special knowledge and unity with God that is for those who seek it. In the old Exodus story, Moses had to climb the mountain to see God's face. While we are all allowed and welcome to remain at the base of the mountain our whole lives, there is a far more inclusive love, compassion, awareness and realization available that comes when we actively move toward God, rather than resigning to rest only in a passive spiritual state.


Twyla said...

I would love to come to these classes, if only I lived nearer! This simple post states so clearly what I've felt for years.

You must have a special church. I can't think of many here that would allow or encourage such a class.

isaiah said...

Perhaps you could record the classes and offer the CD's for a "love offereing" fund to go towards your new CD. I would find it a blessing to hear your insights and words. Please carefully consider this and let us know.

"I firmly believe that divinity meets us on whatever level or stage in which we currently find ourselves."

Yes, as I believe too.

Namaste', Trev

tfounds said...

Wish I could be there for those classes... you always have something profound or insightful to say.

Trev Diesel said...

Twlya - it's a special church indeed. The truth is there aren't a lot of Christian Churches that are open to ways that aren't orthodox. I'm lucky to have found (and be employed by) this place.

Tom/Isaiah - That's a decent idea, but the majority of the class time will be "learning by doing." Therefore, there would be several 10-15 minute audio gaps for when we were practicing an exercise or journaling. A very cool idea though.

Tim Founds - Hey, I wish you were still here too. I was on vacation when you left - so... a much overdue "Adios" to you! (But at least we can stay in touch through the Blogopshere)

Rick said...


Right on my friend. My local parish is big on centering prayer and meditation. I do lectio about 4 times a week. Beautiful stuff.

Stacey said...

Hello from Clarksville, Indiana my fellow Hoosier. :)

Child said...

Can you really let east meet west?Wouldn't that bring more conflict instead of unity? I think only a really enlightened soul can do that? And I'm afraid there are no enlightened beings! Just students of life all the way.

Tony Myles said...

Spiritual practices are like water and food. While they don't create life, they help sustain it. Without them we may soon face a weakened soul.

Jon said...

Wow, Trev.
It sounds like you have a really great church. God bless you and all you touch through your teaching.