Friday, September 24, 2004

Just Survival?

It's interesting that since my daughter was born, I have been whisked into what I have been referring to (in my thoughts) as Survival Consciousness. It seems as though "living from the level of Spirit" and concerning myself with God, the mystical, etc. has fallen wayside to the urgency of "just getting by". Whereas before I found myself blessed with the time to spend in solitude, pursuing spiritual paths, and reading, I now am engulfed in dirty diapers and "onesies."

Not to say that the two are mutally exclusive - quite the opposite. Ram Das, in "Be Here Now," titles a page: "Drop Out / Cop Out." In other words, if you feel like you need to drop out of everyday living (moving into a monistary, or even just leaving the world behind) in order to pursue Spirit, you're missing the boat and "copping out."

And now as I reconsider, perhaps this is a gentle and gracious reminder that I both (1) have yet far to go and (2) am missing it right underneath my nose.

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Anonymous said...

OR.. maybe the time you previously spent reading and dwelling in these intense discussions of everything spiritual... maybe that has been replaced my an actual gift of DOING and BEING. You don't have to pursue a spiritual path because you are already ingulfed in one. It's called parenting and I think maybe God or Buddha or whoever has given you someone to teach you lessons far beyond anything you could read about or meditate on. You need to look in front of you and see that maybe you are living with a gift from the spirit and see what you can learn FROM her. Just a thought anyway.. Mom and K